PHOTO CAPTION: Magnus eFusion designed for light sport aircraft category in Europe

Magnus Debuts eFusion Light Sport E-Plane

Two-place, all-electric light sport aircraft makes first appearance AERO Friedrichshafen in Germany.

Published: 28-Apr-2016

Europe continues to be one of the prime incubators of electric airplane development. The most recent addition to the emerging 'squadron' of battery and hybrid-electric powered aircraft comes from Magnus Aircraft. The Hungarian company displayed their new eFusion light sport aircraft at AERO Friedrichshafen expo in Germany.

Weighing 600 kg (1.322 lbs) at take-off, the two-seat, side-by-side, fixed-gear aircraft is powered by a 60kW Siemens electric drive system. Maximum speed is 100kt (115 mph). Its maiden flight took place on April 11, reports Flying Magazine.

Because the plane is entirely battery powered, flight endurance is likely limited to an hour, but those details have not yet been released, nor has availability and pricing. Presumably, like similar projects in France with the e-Fan and America with the Sunflyer, the primary market will be recreational flyers and flight training schools.

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