PHOTO CAPTION: Karma Automotive Revero, formerly the Fisker Karma, will get BMW components.

Karma Renames Revero Electric Hybrid

The successor for bankrupt Fisker Automotive will reintroduce its luxury electric-hybrid with BMW technology and a new name.

Published: 28-Apr-2016

It's a tale of two startups: Fisker and Tesla. The former would succumb to one disaster after another from battery fires to Superstorm Sandy. The latter would become the most recognized and sought-after electric car brand in the world. 400,000 people would put down $1000 deposits for the Tesla Model 3. Fisker would declare bankruptcy, its asset sold to a Chinese car parts supplier.

But the Karma still had something going for it: downright killer styling by Henrik Fisker and an electric hybrid drive train for sports sedan enthusiasts with "range anxiety." Now the company that owns the brand and assets, the Wanxiang Group, are bringing the car back, moving production from Finland to California, reports the Wall Street Journal. Besides licensing BMW's electric vehicle control and charging system, Karma Automotive, the company's new name, has also renamed the car. It now will be called the Revero, supposedly derived from the Latin "verum", Truth.

The Revero will be built at a new 556,000-square-foot factory in Moreno Valley, Calif. Pricing and availability of the new Revero has not yet been announced.

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