PHOTO CAPTION: MINI Rocketman concept could get electric drive option.

MINI Rumor: Electric Rocketman Possible

The original Mini-e was the first and last to be electrified. Now there's a chance a new Mini will carry on the heritage.

Published: 21-Apr-2016

Back in 2009, BMW introduced the Mini-e, an electric version, of its wildly successful reboot of the iconic British microcar. The battery and electric drive system was developed by AC Propulsion and was so bulky that it took up the backseat, but those lucky enough to lease one, love it. EV World even had a chance to drive it around Los Angeles. It was a blast, but it was first last Mini with an electric heart.

That may be about to change. Rumors are flying in the wake of BMW's announcement that it would put its Rocketman concept car (pictured above) into production, and that it could get an electric drive option, presumably one that wouldn't leave it a two-seater like the Mini-e.

Of course, who's going to engineer it may be up in the air after a flurry of stories how the Bavarian automaker has lost its core i3 and i8 development team to China's Future Mobility Corporation, according to Wall Street Journal.

A future Rocketman-e likely would be developed pretty much for the urban market, meaning that it may not need to have a full-charge range more than 80-100 miles, leaving the 200-mile range market to Tesla and GM. Ford says it has no intention of offering a 200 mile car. Pricing and availability have not yet been anounced.

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