PHOTO CAPTION: One of three concept designs co-developed by Mahindra and Pininfarina.

Mahindra Reveals Next Gen. Formula E Racer

Indian auto maker and Italian design firm team up to create a trio of possible electric race cars for future Formula E season.

Published: 20-Apr-2016

Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) is the General Motors of India. Besides building 20 different models of automobiles, they are the world's largest tractor manufacturer. More recently, they've moved into electric scooters and bicycles.

Now they're aiming to be the chassis provider for future Formula E electric race cars, the position currently held by Renault. Together with Italian styling icon Pininfarina, M&M just unveiled a trio of concept car designs "to stimulate and curate a conversation on the future form and next generation technology of Formula E..."

The designs are in response to a tender by FIA, the Formula racing governing body, which oversees well-known Formula One racing and now Formula E, the electric car equivalent, also know of 'ePrix.' The Chairman of the Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra noted...

“Mahindra is a pioneer of EV technology that is always striving to push the boundaries of this exciting new form of mobility. Our participation in the FIA Formula E Championship gives us yet another platform to co-create the future of mobility. While these innovative designs are a creative project at this stage, I would be thrilled to see the M5Electro look like this.”

Other current teams such as Venturi, which is co-owned by Leonardo DiCaprio, are developing advanced electric drive systems for future cars. The new technology and cars will be use starting with season five moving forward. The international racing competition is now in its second season.

All three proposed concepts can be seen on the Motorsport website.

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