PHOTO CAPTION: All-electric BYD Double Decker transit bus

London Gets Double-decker E-Buses

Transport for London (TfL) will deploy five BYD-built, all-electric double decker buses, the first of their kind anywhere

Published: 22-Mar-2016

London's famed red double-decker buses are getting an electric upgrade with the introduction of five all-electric models built by China's BYD, in which billionaire investor Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway owns a minority position.

Capable of carrying up to 81 passengers, 54 seated, 27 standing, the buses are said to have operational range up to 190 miles in normal urban driving on a full battery charge. Recharge time is said to be 4 hours, allowing the buses to operate at least 20 hours a day.According to BYD...

"The buses are equipped with BYD-designed and built Iron-Phosphate batteries, delivering 345 kWh of power that come with a Industry-benchmark 12 year battery warranty, the longest electric battery warranty available."

Unlike the standard diesel buses they will be replacing on Route 98, said to be one of the city's most polluted zones, the 31 feet-long buses generate no localized pollution. London’s Deputy Mayor of Environment and Energy, Matthew Pencharz, noted upon formal reception of the buses from BYD Europe, "The running costs are much lower and some of the maintenance and operations costs are much lower on the buses. Also, these [buses] are zero-emission, zero-tailpipe-pollution and that is a huge benefit for Londoners."

The BYD battery electric double-deckers are not London's first venture into emission-free transit. Back in 2010, the city introduced hydrogen fuel cell models on its RV-1 transit route and by 2012 those buses had accumulated some 100,000 miles of service.

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