PHOTO CAPTION: Mitsubishi eX Crossover Concept will see production by 2020.

Mitsubishi eX Crossover Coming

First revealed at the 2015 Tokyo auto show as an all-electric concept, Mitsubishi announces it will put the eX Crossover into production by 2020.

Published: 09-Mar-2016

First General Motors surprised Detroit car show goers in 2015 by unveiling its Bolt all-electric hatchback, claiming a range of 200 miles and $30,000 price tag with production to begin late this year. Prior to this Tesla promised its Model 3 with similar range and pricing. That car is slated to be revealed later this month. Since then, other carmakers have promised to bring to the market their own all-electric cars with 200 miles or more of range at an 'affordable' price.

The latest to enter the lists is Mitsubishi, announcing that its eX Crossover concept, which it unveiled at last Fall's Tokyo car show, will see series production by 2020. While the company has had only modest success with its i-MiEV minicar, at least in the United States, it's enjoyed remarkable success with the European version of its electric hybrid Outlander, frequently ranked as one of the best sellers month-on-month across Europe. A US-version is scheduled to be available in American dealerships this Spring.

The five passenger, eX is sized similar to Nissan Juke. Reports say the car will have a 250 mile (400 km) range on a fully-charged battery pack rated at 45 kWh. As the video below suggests, charging may be wireless and the car could have, by then, autonomous driving capabilities. Twin electric motors will provide all-wheel-drive.

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