PHOTO CAPTION: Prototype Morgan EV3 electric three-wheeled sports car.

Morgan Builds EV3

Morgan's have never been your traditional kind of sports car; after all, how many carmakers do you know that still build their frames out of wood?

Published: 09-Mar-2016

I saw my first real live Morgan sports car at a special automotive and bicycle design exhibition here in Omaha last year, one in which my K15 bamboo e-bike also was featured. Founded some 100 years ago, the company focused on three-wheeled designs, not introducing more conventional four-wheeled models until just before the Second World War. The car on display at the Kaneko was one of those classic three-wheelers, powered by a V-twin gasoline engine mounted in front of the 'bonnet'.

Now, as the video below shows, the company has taken that same concept and made it electric, but instead of putting the 46kW (62 hp) e-motor in the front, it's mounted behind the passenger cabin driving the rear wheel, creating a light, 500 kg (1,102 lbs) two seater capable of up to 240 km (150 mi) of range when its 20kWh battery pack is fully charged. While still using ash wood for the frame, much of the rest of the car is built from aluminum and carbon fiber. Acceleration is from zero-to-sixty is just over 9 seconds.

The company is calling it the EV3 and is planning to begin full production later this year, pricing it at £31,000 (US$44,200).

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