PHOTO CAPTION: Prototype Veemo electric-assist velomobile

VeloMetro Launches UBC Pilot

Neither car nor bicycle, but a bit of both, VeloMetro's Veemo is an enclosed electric-assist trike that students at the University of British Columbia will be able to rent for short commutes in 2016.

Published: 25-Feb-2016

Vancouver, BC-based startup Velometro plans to fill the gap between full-size carshare vehicles and pint-size, two-wheel bikeshare with the Veemo, an enclosed electric-assist trike that offers comfort, security and stability for short urban commutes.

Legally considered a 'bicycle', no operator's license is required to drive it, though you have to be 18 or older, at least in Canada. It's speed, however, is regulated to a maximum of 20 mph (32 km/h). The driver/rider accesses the vehicle with their smartphone and steer it with a bicycle-like handlebar, using a combination of their own legs and the electric assist motor to prope the vehicle, which is similar in concept to Organic Transit's Elf. Technical details on the drive system are not available on the company website.

The company's business model is mobility share system where riders pay 20ยข a minute to use the vehicle, which will be locatable by App. The car can be dropped off anywhere within the 'home zone.' Presumably, the company will periodically recharge the Veemo's battery in some fashion, since it is doubtful, based on our experience with Quikbyke's K15, that the rider will be able to keep it recharged while driving. Operating range per charge is thought to be around 62 miles (100 km) depending on terrain and rider input.

The first pilot Veloshare program will take place this year on the campus of the University of British Columbia, followed in 2017 by wider deployment around Vancouver, itself.

EV World has invited the company to do an interview with us, so hopefully, if they accept, they can fill in some of the missing details.

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