Pennsylvania Plant Turns Out Postal EV Bodies

Plant resumes production after 7 year hiatus to produce first 500 bodies for Ford/Baker Electric postal vans.

Published: 14-Jan-2001

MONTGOMERY, Pa.--The Grumman Olson Industries plant in Lycoming County, where 142,000 mail-delivery trucks had rolled off the assembly line, is doing work again for the Postal Service.

As a subcontractor for Ford Motor Co., the plant is producing 500 truck bodies for a new electric vehicle ordered by the Postal Service. The bodies are shipped to a subcontractor in Rome, N.Y., where they are placed on Ford Ranger EV chassis. Ford has options in its contract to produce up to 6,000 vehicles over a three- or four-year period. If the Postal Service picks up those options, it will mean more work for the Montgomery plant, said Bob Besse, director of marketing for Sturgis, Mich.-based Grumman.

Although the contract was announced last year, Besse noted that the vehicles had to pass a variety of tests before production could begin.



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