PHOTO CAPTION: GM will offer an Opel version of the Chevy Bolt pure-electric car in Europe in 2017

GM Plans Opel EV in Europe

General Motor's Opel brand didn't have a lot of success with its Ampera electric hybrid twin of the Chevy Volt. Now its new plug-in foray will be a European version of the Bolt pure electric car.

Published: 16-Feb-2016

With more than twice the battery capacity of e-Golf electric sedan, the soon-to-launch Opel Bolt, will also offer nearly three times the range of the 84 mile-range of Volkswagen's all-electric. Where the e-Golf has a 24 kWh battery pack, the 2017 Ampera-e, as it will be called, comes with a 60kWh pack and a range of more than 200 miles, putting it in the same performance league as Tesla's more expensive Model S.

The Opel electric car will be virtually identical to the Chevy Bolt on which it is based: the Chevrolet 'bowtie' replaced by the very appropriate Opel lightning bolt. Presumably, like the cancelled Opel Ampera, which was a copy of the Chevy Volt, the Ampera-e will be manufactured initially in the US and exported to the US. Whether GM also plans a Vauxhall version has not yet been announced. It had offered a Vauxhall badged version of the Volt.

GM chairman Mary Barra did state that the Opel version of the Bolt will be 'affordably' priced. In the US, the company is planning on an after-tax-incentives price in the low $30s. The car will be available in Europe in 2017, with a late 2016 introduction in North America.

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