PHOTO CAPTION: Yet another third party Model 3 concept idea, a downsized version of the Model S.

A $10K Tesla Model 3?

Live in California? It's theoretically feasible that you could own a Model 3 for less an $10,000.

Published: 01-Feb-2016

We won't know what Tesla's Model 3 will look like until sometime next month when Elon Musk reveals the concept. That hasn't prevented lots of speculation on what the car might look like, the above CGI being just one of many concepts being proposed by outsiders.

What we do know is this: according to CEO Musk, the target MSRP is around $35,000. The car will have fewer 'bells and whistles' than the company's other two models. It's assumed it will be a smaller, scaled down version of highly popular Model S. And it will likely have a range at least equal to, if not superior to the advertised 200 miles of GM's Bolt electric car.

Since Tesla is aiming to sell their "mass market" vehicle in the mid-$30K price range to a shrinking number of middle-class buyers, it's a fair question to ask, how many families will actually be able to buy one?

Seeking Alpha contributor Anton Wahlman put pen to paper and exercised a bit of creative thinking. He came up with a way for Tesla to pitch the car for less than $10,000. Here's how it would work:

Voi'la! Add them all.. or actually subtract them all and you end up a Model 3 that actually only cost you $9,500. That is, of course, if you live in California... maybe.

Mr. Wahlman failed to mention costs like charging the car, though some of that could be free using Tesla's expanding Supercharger network. Not everyone is as sanguine about this "less-than-$10" pitch. SA contributor Bill Maurer notes that the actual price of the car could be considerably higher if the buyer starts adding on options that are likely to be offered.

Still, it's an interesting way to approach the problem of an affordable, "mass market" EV, especially if you live in the Golden State.

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