PHOTO CAPTION: eQuestXL electric school bus has range up to 85 miles

Electric School Bus Announced

Most of America's yellow school buses are diesel-powered, exposing young children to what California considers a carcinogen.

Published: 21-Jan-2016

Fifty-five percent of all school buses in America are diesel-powered. Those buses achieve an average of 7 miles per gallon. Together, all 480,000 school buses burn 822,857,143 gallons of fuel annually, both diesel and gasoline traveling, 5.5 billion miles whle transporting 26 million students per day. And everyday those millions of students, as well as the commuters that share the road with them, are exposed to the carcinogens in the fuel, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

Ideally, our children should be traveling in much less polluting vehicles, and this is where the Starcraft e-Quest XL all-electric bus comes to the forefront. In a collaboration between Motiv Power Systems and Creative Bus, school districts now have an alternative to fossil fuel models. Based on the Ford F59 chassis and Starcraft body, the 48-passenger bus reportedly has a range up to 85 miles and a 50% charge time of 2 hours.

Creative Bus offers natural gas and propane upgrades of school buses. The e-Quest XL now offers a zero vehicle emission choice. Pricing and other technical specs were not announced at the time of the press release.

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