PHOTO CAPTION: Illustration of Mercedes-Benz EVA electric car concept platform

Mercedes Said Planning EVA Platform

According to CAR Magazine in the UK, Mercedes-Benz is developing a dedicated electric vehicle platform, the first to appear in 2018.

Published: 13-Jan-2016

Let's be clear right up front: Mercedes has neither confirmed nor denied reports that it is working on a dedicated electric vehicle architecture (EVA) that will serve as the common platform for at least four future electric cars, both sedan and SUV models.

However, if you put any confidence in third party insights, then the first model will be something between their C- and E-Class models. That car will be a sedan and make its debut in 2018. The battery pack will be under the floorboard, a la Tesla and Nissan. To be competitive, it will need to have a range in the 200-mile class, suggesting a 90kW or larger pack. Recharge time also needs to be in the 80% SOC in 30 minutes with charging done inductively.

MSRP and other performance specs won't be known for months.

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Illustration of 2015 Mercedes-Benz Vision E Concept plug-in minivan

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