PHOTO CAPTION: Maximillian Design's vision of a future Apple electric iCar

Apple Registers .Car Domains

For months rumors have flown that Apple was developing its own electric car. Now it's registered Internet domains that seem to confirm those intentions.

Published: 13-Jan-2016

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk the fact that Apple is building an electric car is "an open secret." He should know since the two Silicon Valley powerhouses have been pouching engineers for months now.

Now we learn from MacRumors that the Cupertino company registered the following domains on january 8th: apple.car, apple.cars, and apple.auto. Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that (1) the company is actually building an automobile, it could just refer to a car-centric operating system based on iOS; or (2) the car, if it exists, will be electric.

Of course, the fact that Apple's been hiring automotive executives and engineers with backgrounds in electric vehicle and battery technology certainly suggests 'Project Titan' is some type of electric vehicle. EV World speculated months ago that the car would be a self-driving, on-demand shuttle van similar to that developed by Rinspeed, a guess that is likely wildly off-base. Industry speculation sees the vehicle - in whatever form - hitting the road or streets by 2020 or shortly thereafter.

That same speculation continues to fuel the imagination of designer around the world. The above illustration by Maximillian Design is just one of many that periodically blossom on the 'Net as expressions not what Apple is actually working on but more what the designs imagines they are doing. Whatever comes out of Project Titan, you can be assured it will be highly functional, aesthetically pleasing, and pretty damned exciting.

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