PHOTO CAPTION: GM CEO Mary Barra introduces pre-production Chevy Bolt electric car at CES 2016

Chevy Debuts Bolt at CES 2016

Production will begin at the end of this year on the 200-mile, under-$30K Chevrolet Bolt electric car.

Published: 08-Jan-2016

General Motors just unveiled the Bolt electric car a year ago at the 2015 North American International Auto Show. Now one year later, they rolled out at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas a pre-production version of the car and for those journalists fortunate enough to be one hand, the Detroit carmaker let them take a few of them around a temporary circuit. Below is Consumer Reports first impressions of the all-electric car.

GM is still sticking by its claim that the five-passenger hatchback will have a range of 200-miles and a after-tax credit price of less than $30,000, putting it squarely in competition with Tesla's Model 3, which is supposed to also debut in 2017 and be similarly priced. Given Tesla's track record of delays, the Bolt may actually get a jump on the Model 3, which I am sure will put a smile on the folks at General Motors: they're back leading, not following.

Unlike the Volt, which is an electric hybrid, the Bolt is entirely battery powered. There is no fossil-fueled back-up ICE-age generator, but with a good solid 200 miles of range and probably a recharge rate to 80% in 30-minutes on a DC fast charger - if you can find one - that should be sufficient for the vast majority of American driving situations. In fact, you can expect that sometime between now and production in December, someone will try to driving one cross country in an effort to meet or even beat Tesla's coast-to-coast record of 76.5 hours.

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