PHOTO CAPTION: Bruce MacLeod and Susanne Brüsch pose in Paris after 900 km ride from Scotland.

eBike Africa Reaches Paris

Two intrepid cyclists are riding electric bicycles from Glascow to Cape Town reaching their first milestone 900 km later in Paris

Published: 22-Dec-2015

Susanne Brüsch has ridden electric-assist bicycles across Morocco, Mongolia and Iceland. Now the founder of Pedelec Adventures has set her sites on the longest e-Bike ride yet. With Bruce MacLeod, the peripatetic German has completed the first milestone of their historic journey, reaching Paris in time for the COP21 climate confernece. They set out from Glascow, Scotland on November 19th on a pair of Haibike Xduro electric bikes powered by Bosch mid-motors. Each bike pulls a small, 50kg single wheel trailer with thin-film solar charger to keep the bikes' batteries charged.

From Paris, Bruce will continue the trip alone, riding across the Swiss Alps and down through Italy where he'll take a ferry from Venice to Alexandria, Egypt. From there, his goals are Cairo and the Pyramids, then Khartoum in Sudan. According to the eBike Africa website, some "7,000km into the expedition Bruce reaches the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda. The Rwenzori are home to some fast diminishing glaciers."

Brüsch will rejoin her colleague for the final ride across South Africa to Cape Town, completing the 20,000 km expedition in 12 months. From Paris, she write, "E-Bike Africa is the first action of The Purple Heart Network and aims to raise awareness of climate change while showcasing innovative technology, such as electric mobility and renewable energy as part of the solution in Europe and Africa."

Bruesch and MacLeod with representatives of South Africa's climate delegation with Eiffel Tower as backdrop.

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