PHOTO CAPTION: Energica Eva is second model from the Italian electric superbike makers.

Energica Debuts Eva E-cycle

Second Energica model wrings 200 km/h out of 95 hp e-drive, while offering 4 difference performance modes from eco to sport.

Published: 22-Dec-2015

It's both fast and fast-charging. It's the second model soon-to-be offered by Italy's Energica, developers of the Ego electric superbike. Called the Eva, it's somewhat down-rated from its 136 ph predecessor but still offers more than enough thrills and chills with a top speed of 200 km/h. That's better than 120 mph. It's more than fast enough to be seriously dangerous anywhere but a dry lake bed in Utah.

The energy to power the 95 hp Eva is stored in a 11.7 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that can be fast-charged to 80 capacity in just 30 minutes if you can find a 60 Amp plug. Using a more standard circuit, charge time is 3.5 hours. At that rate, the battery is said to be good for 1,200 charge cycles.

Two features stand out in the Eva: its four performance modes and four regenerative braking modes. The rider can set the bike's performance to local conditions and personal capabilities. There's urban, eco, rain, and sport; the latter permitting that 200 km/h limit, just don't expect to go far at that level of energy consumption. Range on the more powerful Ego's 11.7kWh battery is reportedly around 150 km (93 mi), depending on power settings. That's equivalent to 124Wh per mile energy consumption. Assuming Eco-mode is closer to 80Wh per mile, range would increase to 146 miles or 234 km.

Regenerative braking uses the electric motor switched into generator mode to both slow the bike and recharge the battery. Here there are Low, Medium, High and Off settings. The High setting gives the most aggressive braking.

There is no word yet on pricing, but speculation is that it will be less than the current €25,000 (US$27,300) price tag of the Ego. Production will be at the same Modena, Italy facility turning out the Ego.

Energica Eva electric superbike

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