PHOTO CAPTION: Teaser image of Volkswagen electric micro bus concept slated for debut

VW Teases e-Microbus Concept

VW plans debut of "affordable, long-range" electric concept vehicle at 2016 Consumer Electronics Show next month.

Published: 22-Dec-2015

For several years now, Volkswagen has been promising the revival of its iconic VW 'Bus' first introduced in Germany in 1949. It's unveiled a couple concept designs, which remained that, concepts.

Now in the wake of its diesel engine pollution scandal, VW is touting its plans to build more electric-drive vehicles that will be "affordable" and have "long range" starting, we are told with a new concept vehicle is will debut at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in month. Speculation is that it will be the long-awaited micro bus, though the above teaser image actually reveals little as to what model or class of vehicle it will be.

Exactly what VW means by "affordable" and "long range" isn't clear either. Affordable compared to what? Tesla's $130K Model X or Mitsubishi's sub-$23K i-MiEV? "Long range" is equally enigmatic, though most carmakers are using the goal of 200 miles as their next distance-per-charge goal. That is easily double the current range of most electric cars now on the market with the exception of Tesla vehicles, all of which have ranges either close to or well beyond 200 miles depending on battery pack options.

Green Car Reports links VW announcement that it plans to begin production of the redesigned, presumably gasoline-powered, microbus in Mexico to the concept unveiling in Las Vegas, suggesting it will be the platform used for the new EV.

Earlier VW microbus concept

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