PHOTO CAPTION: Prototype two-place Sunflyer electric trainer

Sun Flyer Prototype Revealed

Fuselage nears completion with next major step installation of avionics and then electric powerplant.

Published: 11-Dec-2015

The race to offer the first all-electric trainer aircraft just got even more interesting as Colorado-based AEAC recently released the first photo of its prototype two-place Sun Flyer trainer, pictured above.

The composite aircraft is based on the original PC Aero Elektra One single-place, solar-powered aircraft, the first electric airplane to cross the Austrian Alps in both directions, starting off in Unterwössen, Germany and landing in Lienz, Austria on June 25, 2015 and returning on July 2nd, flying against strong headwinds to the Austrian town of Zell am See. Each flight took around two hours. The range of the Elektra One is said to be 500 km (310 mi.) or five hours of flying time.

AEAC has early orders for the Sun Flyer from US flying school Eagle Air. Their anticipated low operational costs using electricity and the typical one hour flight instruction regime are two key reasons for interest in employing such aircraft in pilot training.

According to Flying, the next step in the assembly process is adding its electronics and then moving the fuselage to Centennial Airport where its electric propulsion and battery system will be installed. Flight testing is schedule to commence early next year.

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