PHOTO CAPTION: Young woman examines Linde's H2 electric-assist bicycle.

Linde Rolls Out Hydrogen E-Bike

Germany industrial gas supplier introduces limited number of prototype e-bikes that run on hydrogen fuel cells.

Published: 20-Nov-2015

For Germany's Linde Group, the production and delivery of hydrogen for future fuel cell electric vehicles is an enticing new market opportunity and to help get the German people comfortable with the concept, the industrial gas supplier has produced a limited number of prototype electric bicycles that use hydrogen fuel cells in place of batteries. Reacting with atmospheric oxygen, the fuel cells produce electricity to power the bike's 250W motors. 34 grams of compressed hydrogen is sufficient, the company claims to provide riders with up to 60 miles (96km) of range, depending on terrain. Assuming the H2 e-bikes conform to European regulations, there is no throttle to control the motor: the rider has to pedal to get assistance.

According to Dr. Wolfgang Büchele, the CEO of Linde AG, “Linde is…..pushing new and unconventional ideas to contribute to the widespread commercialization of hydrogen as a clean technology. With the Linde H2 bike, we have shown that the benefits of hydrogen drives are not restricted to cars – bikes are another interesting application.”

Contrary to press reports, Linde isn't the first organization to experiment with fuel cell-powered e-bikes. The French firm Alpha debuted one in October of this year, and prior to that SigNa Chemistry developed a prototype in 2010. La Poste, the French postal service, began trials of CycleEurope's hydrogen e-bike this summer.

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