PHOTO CAPTION: LeTV electric supercar concept

Aston Martin Tapped for China EV

LeTV hopes to introduce its first electric car concept, co-developed with Aston Martin, in 2016.

Published: 14-Oct-2015

Google and Apple aren't the only information technology companies to take a serious interest in electric cars. LeTV, which made its fortune with cell phones and Internet-capable televisions in China, is also investing in EV technology in the form of partnering with Aston Martin. Apparently the two companies are collaborating on a future electric supercar, one in which LeTV's LeUI infotech system is embedded into the car named Super Electric Eco-system (SEE).

About all we know of the project comes in the form of several teaser concept illustrations like the one featured above. According to a Wall Street Journal article, Aston Martin is hoping that by partnering with Chinese companies, it can boost its meager sales there from 250 to 500 annually over the next six years.

The SEE concept car is slated to debut at the Auto China 2016 show in April.

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