PHOTO CAPTION: TU/e Storm electric touring motorcycle

Dutch Build First Electric Touring Bike

The Storm electric touring motorcycle has ground-breaking claimed range of 380km (236 mi) per charge.

Published: 14-Oct-2015

Student at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands (TU/e) have designed and built the first electric motorcycle capable of long-distance touring with a range said to be up to 380 km, or the equivalent of 236 miles. They built the bike around 24 modules with a combined capacity of 28.5kWh, more than in the Nissan LEAF, in order to participate in the 2017 80 Day Race around the world, open only to electric vehicle. Starting in Paris, the race will cover 40,000 km in eight stages over 80 days.

The TU/e team will test ride the bike around Europe in 2016 during as part of what they call the "Storm World Tour." The bike has a top speed of 160 mph and can fast charged in 80% SOC in 28 minutes. Battery "cartridge" swap time takes just seven minutes. Zero-to-60 is just 5 seconds. The Storm can be also be races using a reduced number of batteries to cut weight. More specs on the bike can be found on Electric Autosport.com.

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