PHOTO CAPTION: Mahindra Reva e20: an estimates 200 are registered in Nepal

Nepalese Interest in e20 Growing

In a land with abundant hydropower and little oil, Nepalese interest in Mahindra Reva's e20 electric car is growing.

Published: 14-Oct-2015

Nepal recently passed a new Constitution and the result has been cases of violent protests, which neighboring India says has resulted in its truck drivers refusing to cross the border, leaving the mountainous kingdom short on petroleum products. In response, the government of Nepal has now instituted even-odd fuel rationing. That has spurred interest in the capital of Kathmandu in electric cars, the Mahindra Reva e20 in particular.

Agni Energy, the distributor for the electric car in Nepal, reports that since the imposition of rationing, it has sold out its current inventory of six vehicles and is aiming for 70 sales in 2015, not particularly impressive given the population of Kathmandu is 1 million. There are some 200 of the cars currently on Nepal's streets. Costing Rs 2.435 million ($37,500USD), the newest versions of the e20 has a range up to 120km (75 mi).

Given the currently political stalemate between the two countries, any of the Indian-made electric cars that are on order, aren't getting across the border for delivery to their buyers, according to the Himalayan Times.

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