PHOTO CAPTION: The two-place VoZe EV Soki is Chile's first electric vehicle

Soki Is Chile's First EV

Designed for urban use, the Soki is powered by a 10 hp electric motor and 4.2 kWh battery.

Published: 06-Oct-2015

"Soki" is the Patagonian Indian word for 'two', the number of people who can ride inside the three-wheeled electric vehicle, the first of its kind in Chile. Designed by Daniel Pavez, it is intended to bridge the gap between an automobile and bicycle for urban travel. It's range is just 37 miles, but it's efficiency rating is a commendable 113.5W/hr mile. Recharge time on the battery, which apparently is removable to aid charging, is 3 hours.

Pavez's company, VoZe EV, says it will build an initial 10 vehicles with first deliveries slated for March 2016. Pricing is said to be $12,000US. The prototype, featured in the video below, will be on tour across 11 Chilean cities to promote the technology.

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