PHOTO CAPTION: Artega Scalo electric sports car concept debuts at 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show

German Car Brand Revived as EV

Artega returns after 3 year hiatus with 400 hp Scalo electric sports car concept.

Published: 06-Oct-2015

Powered by a 37 kWh battery back combined with a nickel-manganese-cobalt supercapacitor gives the sleek, two-seat Artega Scalo a range up to 250 miles. That translates into a remarkable energy efficiency rate of 148W/hr per mile. Compare that to the original Tesla Roadster, also a small two-seat sports car equipped with a 54kWh battery pack. It's range is 245 miles or 216W/hr per mile. That's nearly a 50% improvement over the Roadster.

How is that possible? Possibly because of improved aerodynamics; certainly not because its lighter. The polyurethane and carbon fiber body weights a good 770 lbs. more than the 2,723 lbs Roadster. The use of the supercapacitor energy storage bank could mean the car is able to capture more of its kinetic energy during braking, energy it can use to launch the car, which is said to have a zero-to-60 time of 3.6 seconds, two-tenth of a second longer than the Renovo Motors Shelby Dayton CSX9000. The car is powered by twin Voltabox synchronous, water-cooled, high-performance electric motors developing 300kW or 402 hp.

The company plans to build just 12 of the cars, pricing each at a comparatively 'reasonable' priced at €170,000 (US$192,000), compared to the half-million for the Renova EV.

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