PHOTO CAPTION: Peugeot Fractal 3D Printed Electric Car Concept

Peugeot Fractal Designed for Sound

Eighty percent of Peugeot Fractal is 3D printed, but it's the acoustics that make this electric concept car special.

Published: 19-Sep-2015

By 2019, electric-drive cars need to audibly alert pedestrians and cyclists to their presence, so carmakers are researching ways to do this that enhances their safety while avoiding adding more noise pollution to the environment.

Peugeot's Fractal concept car is said to be designed with that goal in mind. From its acoustic-lab like interior to the shape of its 3D-printed parts (80%), this 335 hp (250kW) electric coupé cum-cabriolet is all about sound with its sub-woofers integrated into the back seats so passengers can 'feel' the bass and not just hear it.

The car is compact: just 12.5 ft (3.81 m) long and 5.8 ft (1.77 m) wide. Its 30kWh lithium battery reportedly gives it a range of up to 280 miles on a full charge. Zero-to-62 (100 km/h) is a respectable 6.8 seconds. A Samsung Gear S smartwatch app provides information on battery state-of-charge information and even remotely opens its 'suicide' passenger doors.

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