PHOTO CAPTION: Nissan Gripz Plug-In Series Hybrid concept

Nissan Gripz Is Wildest Plug-In Yet

It's not an SUV nor is it a sports car, instead the Gripz concept melds features of both with an extended-range EV.

Published: 18-Sep-2015

It's probably one of the wilder flights of designer fancy for an electric vehicle. It carries the stance of an SUV/Crossover, but with shades of a Nissan 370Z. The 2+2 seater is powered the same battery and motor found in the LEAF, but Nissan apparently added a small range-extender engine; how large, they aren't saying. That's an important omission. The BMW i3 REx has a small, two-cylinder gasoline motorcycle engine that roughly doubles its range to around 200 miles. The Chevy Volt's 4-cylinder engine can keep the car rolling for move than 300 additional miles.

The Gripz' e-drive is designed for quiet, pollution-free urban travel, while its 4-wheel drive gives the Gripz some off-road possibilitie. Its controllable rear-wheel drive let's the driver drift to his or her heart's content.

As with all concept cars, pricing and availability are almost never discussed. It's just a way for Nissan to make a statement about its capabilities and possible future intentions.

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Nissan Vehicle-to-Home allows two-way flow of current, providing backup power to the home.

While the energy available from the LEAF's battery is sufficient to help power the typical home in Japan, American power use is three times that in Japan, minimizing the usefulness of the technology for US buyers.

Nissan LEAF electric cars in Surrey and Sussex police livery.

The pair of Nissan LEAF and e-NV200 electric van will be trialed for three months and used for making inquiries, but not to respond to emergencies and pursuits.

Nissan Motor Company Vice Chairman Toshiyuki Shiga

Nissan Motor Company Vice Chairman Toshiyuki Shiga tells The Japan Times that Nissan is in no rush to enter the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle market, citing the financial barriers to a hydrogen economy.


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