PHOTO CAPTION: Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA may hint at features to be found in its electric car.

Mercedes Promises Its Own Tesla Challenger

Audi, Porsche, and now Mercedes all are taking aim at the 300+ mile electric car crown.

Published: 18-Sep-2015

“It’s something different,” Thomas Weber, Daimler AG board member, told Frankfurt Auto Show media. “It’s unique; it’s emotional. Wait and see.”

He's describing a yet-to-be-revealed all-electric competitor for Tesla Motors' public mindshare, as well as market share in the luxury EV space. That car is still under wraps, but what Daimler did reveal is its long, low Concept IAA (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile), features of which are expected to help extend the driving range of that future electric car. According to the company's press release:

"At the touch of a button, or automatically on reaching a speed of 80 km/h, the Mercedes-Benz 'Concept IAA' (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile) performs a fascinating transformation in which the captivatingly beautiful four-door coupé turns into an aerodynamics world champion: eight segments extend at the rear, increasing its length by up to 390 millimetres; front flaps in the front bumper extend by 25 mm to the front and 20 mm to the rear, improving the air flow around the front end and the front wheel arches; the Active Rims alter their cupping from 55 mm to zero; and the louvre in the front bumper moves 60 mm to the rear, improving the underbody air flow."

Like its other Germany competitors; VW's Audi and Porsche groups, Mercedes future EV is aiming for a range of up to 500km per charge and be available possibly as early as 2018.

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Mercedes-Benz S500 will sprint to 100km/h in 5.2 seconds.

The brand-new Mercedes S500 Plug-In Hybrid is rated at a very frugal 2.8L/100km on the combined NEDC cycle, priced in the U.A.E. at Dh492,000 ($134,000USD).

Illustration of 2015 Mercedes-Benz Vision E Concept plug-in minivan

Between now and 2017, Mercedes-Benz plans to introduce 10 plug-hybrid models, an average of one new model every four months.

Illustration of Mercedes-Benz EVA electric car concept platform

According to CAR Magazine in the UK, Mercedes-Benz is developing a dedicated electric vehicle platform, the first to appear in 2018.


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