PHOTO CAPTION: Jaguar Land Rover trio of electric-drive concept SUVs

Jaguar Land Rover Reveal Trio of E-Drive Concept SUVs

Land Rovers are famous for the rugged panache. Now they appear to be slated for an electric-drive upgrade; three of them, in fact.

Published: 16-Sep-2015

So far, the only electric SUV you can actually drive is Tesla's Model X, deliveries of which are slated to begin late this month. That will give the Silicon Valley carmakers a significant first-to-market advantage, but they dare not rest on their laurels. Jaguar Land Rover is coming after them, as well as Mitsubishi's electric-hybrid outlander. They might even the first to offer a luxury mild-hybrid SUV.

The way they are planning to do that is with the development of three related e-drive power trains as seen in the illustrations below, as well as the above photo. The top one is a 48V mild hybrid that is integrated into the 9-speed transmission that manages the output power of a prototype diesel engine. The call the system Concept_e MHEV. The 48V battery pack is lithium-ion.

Th Concept_e PHEV, the middle illustration, is an electric hybrid (plug-in) using 150kW electric motor and prototype gasoline engine, the SUV pulls its electric power from a 320V lithium battery pack mounted in the 'boot' (trunk for us Yanks). The vehicle retains its traditional 4-Wheel Drive.

The Concept_e BEV is a fully all-electric version with the 320V, 70kWh lithium-ion pack mounted under the floor, between the front and rear axles. It is equipped an 85kW electric motor in the front and a 145kW motor in the rear. Driving range and other performance specs weren't discussed during the CENEX Low Carbon Vehicle event in the UK.

Jaguar Land Rover electric vehicle concepts

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