PHOTO CAPTION: Jonny Smith's supped-up 'Flux Capacitor' - the quickest street legal EV in Europe.

Flux Capacitor Sets New Speed Record

Tiny, 1970s-era electric car sets new speed record for its class on UK track.

Published: 11-Sep-2015

Jonny Smith is the John "Plasma Boy" Wayland of Britain. Like his American counterpart, the motoring journalist took a tiny, street legal car, in this case the Enfield 8000, and turned it into a speed demon dubbed the "Flux Capacitor."

Where Doc. Brown's Delorian time machine went 'Back to the Future' when it hit 88 mph, Smith's electric car took only 11.7 seconds to reach 118.38mph. That beat the previous 11.5 second record for the 1/4 mile, though car and driver stayed very much in the here and now.

Only 120 Enfield 8000 electric cars were built before economics forced the company out of business during the height of the 1970s oil embargo. First built on the Isle of Wight and then moved to the Greek isle of Syros, the car's top speed was just 37 mph and its range was no more than 40 miles per charge.

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