PHOTO CAPTION: Mercedes-Benz C300

Mercedes Planning 500 Kilometer Electric Car

Range equal to more than 300 miles would exceed the range of Tesla's Model S electric sedan.

Published: 11-Sep-2015

The success of the Tesla Model S and the looming delivery of the Model X has surprised competing carmakers, especially luxury makers like Mercedes Benz. They are responding by developing their own e-drive vehicles, Benz's last all-electric car being an AMG two-door sports car concept that debuted in 2012.

Now their chief of development, Thomas Webber is telling the media that the German giant is planing to offer a battery-powered challenger that will have a range of 500 km or 311 miles, a good 60 miles further than the Model S. Which Mercedes model will be offered as an EV isn't being talked about just yet, maybe in Frankfurt later this month, but looking at viable platforms that could offer an alternative to Tesla's stylish - and quality leading - Model S, the C300 stands out. It is already the basis for the company's "Intelligent Hybrid" model. The C350 was pegged in 2014 as it's plug-in hybrid platform.

Much of the EV technology Mercedes' parent, Daimler experimented with came from Tesla, in part because of its investment in the high-flying California firm. Last October, however, both Daimler and Toyota sold their stakes and most recently, it has been reported that Mercedes will no longer use Tesla-supplied systems currently powering its B-Class EV. Instead, it's thought, it will use its own in-house tech, including apparently, a better or maybe just bigger battery system.

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