PHOTO CAPTION: SPA Bicicletto electric-assist bicycle from Turin, Italy

Revived SPA Lauches Bicicletto e-Bike

A century ago, SPA built fast cars, then military trucks for Mussolini. Now they're back in business, this time with a carbon fiber e-bike.

Published: 09-Sep-2015

The last time Societa Piemontese Automobili produced an vehicle under its own SPA badge was 1926. Now its back, this time with a sleek, retro-styled electric-assist bicycle they call the Bicicletto.

Molded from carbon fiber, the bike weighs 53 lbs, about average for an electric bike, other than our bamboo and aluminum K15 that's 20 pounds lighter. Unusual for an e-bike built in Europe, the Bicicletto is powered by a 500W hub motor, giving it a reported top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph). Range in motor-only mode, also unusual given current Europe rules, is 50 km (31 miles). In pedal-assist mode, the rider might see up to 120 km (74 mi), though recharge time is reportedly up to five hours.

The price is estimated to range from €8,000-10,000 ($8,950-$11,185).

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