PHOTO CAPTION: Rimac's Greyp G12S 'e-bike' can hit nearly 45 mph.

Rimac Team Takes Aim at Fast E-Bikes

The G12S comes close to being a motorcycle, allowing it to more safely mix with motor vehicle traffic, and still 'legally' be used as a bicycle.

Published: 09-Sep-2015

Rimac Automobili, the Croatian developers of the $1 million electric supercar, are applying what they've learned to the Greyp G12S, which might be considered the electric bicycle equivalent to their 1,088hp Concept_One.

Based on their original Greyp G12, which they claim combines the best of both worlds – motorcycles and bicycles. The S version "takes the whole experience even further."

"Our electronics and hardware wizards have spent countless hours developing a unique user experience, so far unseen in the e-bike industry."

One of those bits of wizardry eliminates the need for a key or even an electronic fob. You simply use your fingerprint to gain access to the dual-mode "bike". Equipped with a 12kW electric motor and 1.5kWh lithium battery based on Sony cells and Rimac BMS, the "Speed" mode, the bike is capable of reaching 70 km/h (43mph) with a range up to 120 km (74.5 mi). That clearly excludes it from being classified as a 'bicycle' both in Europe and North America, where the maximum power is 750W and top assisted speed is 20 mph in the USA and 250W and 25km/h in Europe.

Greyp solves this by electronically limiting the bike, which does have pedals, to 250W and 25 km/h in what they call "Street" mode. Legally, since it has pedals and can be operated within both EU and USA rules, it could be operated on paths restricted to bicycles, but at a very un-bicycle-like weight of 48.5 kg (106 lbs.), you wouldn't want, as a pedestrian or regular cyclist, to be hit by one. What the licensing requirements for this "not-quite-a-bike-but-not-quite-a-motorcycle" are likely will differ from region to region.

The company is now taking orders on their website for the G12S, priced at €8,380 ($9,355USD).

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