PHOTO CAPTION: Ubco 2x2 electric trail bike

Ubco Builds Electric 2X2 Trail Bike

It could be the perfect 'workhorse' for farm and forest with its dual 1000W motors and 40A/h battery designed to also run power tools.

Published: 03-Sep-2015

Let me first thank Anthony Clyde and Daryl Neal profusely for deciding to NOT call their electric trail bike an 'e-bike' or compromising by sticking some stupid pedals on the Ubco 2x2 electric trail bike. They decided, instead, to build a rugged, off-road two-wheeler, as demonstrated in the video below.

Based in New Zealand, the company has begun taking pre-orders for the 50 kg (110 lbs) machine that sports both front and rear hub motors, which is said to be rated at 1000 Watts each, powered by a 40 Amp hour lithium-ion battery. Unlike your typical motocross and trail bike, the 2X2 is designed to be a 'workhorse' that not only can take you quickly, quietly, cleanly, and cheaply off the beaten path but provide remote power to run light electric tools or charge your smartphone.

How far you can go into back country or back forty depends on all the usual factors, rider weight and carrying capacity (up to 200 kg/414 lbs. max.), terrain, temperature, battery state-of-charge, and speed, which in the case of the 2X2 max's out at 45 km/h (28 mph). Range is estimated at 70 and 100 km (43-62 miles); higher on level ground.

The company is currently limiting production to 100 units with pricing said to run around $7,000US according to Autoevolution.com.

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