PHOTO CAPTION: Chrysler 700c Minivan Concept unveiled at 2012 North American International Auto Show.

Chrysler Plug-In Minivan Introduction Slips Again?

No one offers an electric hybrid minivan, offering Chrysler Fiat the advantage to be first to market, but the scheduled into late this year may have slipped nearly a year.

Published: 03-Sep-2015

Originally, Chrysler announced it was planning to rollout its plug-in hybrid Town & Country minivan in 2016. Then it was reported that this would be moved up to late 2015.

Now Automotive News is reporting that the newly redesigned minivan will now debut at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit with production to begin in the Spring. Curiously, the electric hybrid version won't be introduced until 6 months after that, putting it back closer to late 2016.

One thing other thing that's changed is the van's estimated MPG. Back in 2014, it was speculated that the van could rival Prius at around 50 mpg. The latest estimate is now 75 mpg, but the difference might be between calculating the vehicles hybrid mode or its equivalent miles per gallon in EV-mode. Time will tell.

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