PHOTO CAPTION: Go-e detachable e-bike motor

Go-e Introduces Detachable E-Bike Motor

It weighs only 850 grams and can propel your bicycle up to 25 km/h, all the while being able to fit on nearly any bicycle.

Published: 29-Aug-2015

Electric-assist bicycles are becoming evermore popular, but they could be even more so if they weren't priced equivalent to a used car. One way to solve this is by offering either hub motor kits like Superpedestrian's 'Copehagen' wheel, or one of a new generation of detachable friction motors like Go-e, developed in Austria.

Weighing a mere 850 grams (1.9 lbs), it sports a 250W electric motor that mounts to the frame of most bicycles. Like its 200Wh lithium battery, it is detachable in seconds, minimizing the risk of theft. The motor spins a roller that rubs against the bicycle's rear tire. Designed to be compliant with current European regulations, the motor will disengage from the tire as soon as the rider stops peddling or the bike reaches 25km/h.

The two Swiss-based developers, Frank Fox and Peter Potzi, have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund production, offering earlier adapters a price of €399 for the motor, battery and adaptor kit. Like Quikbyke's K15 bamboo e-bike prototype, the system is controlled via a smartphone app.

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