PHOTO CAPTION: Artists concept of Le Supercar electric vehicle.

China's 'Netflix' Reveals Electric Le Supercar

China's LeTV founder and billionaire Jia Yueting has set his sites on Tesla, hiring and poach talent from BMW, GM, and Tesla to build his electric supercar.

Published: 28-Aug-2015

What do you do after you've becoming China's leading entertainment network provider and build the most popular 'smart' television in the country and your smart phone sells 200,000 units moments after its official release? You take on Tesla, of course.

Jia Yueting recently cashed in more than $1 billion worth of his shares and loaned them to his own company with one goal in mind, create China's equivalent to Tesla. Led by Tony Nie just over a year ago, the Le Supercar team now employes, we're told, some 600 people, 200 of them based in the USA.

As a teaser, the company revealed several artist's concept illustrations of the Model S killer, a sleek, long-slung vehicle with sensuous curves, designed to arouse customer libidos, if nothing else. While the company is hiring talent away from the likes of BMW, GM, and Tesla, it is building its powertrain - motors, inverters, controls and batteries - all in-house. Details on pricing, performance and availability have not yet been announced.

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