PHOTO CAPTION: One of many proposed Apple car speculations.

Apple Reportedly Looking for Test Track Time

The circumstantial evidence keeps piling up that Apple is working on a self-driving electric 'iCar.' Now the Guardian in the UK has come into possession of some interesting correspondence.

Published: 18-Aug-2015

Clearly there is something special going on at Apple beyond digital watches and wallets. Based on who is being hired from whom, 'Project Titan' is believed to be developing the next generation of self-driving electric car.

None of this has been confirmed by Apple, of course, which has only further fuels the fires of speculation. Now we have a report from the Guardian in the United Kingdom that strongly suggests that what the Cupertino, California company is doing does, in fact, have something to do with transportation.

According to the Guardian, they obtained access to correspondence between Apple and GoMentum Station, a vehicle test facility outside Concord, California that is a former World War II era Navy base occupying 2100 acres and laced with some 20 miles of streets and roads, an ideal location for secretly testing autonomous vehicles.

The Guardian article, written by Mark Harris, explains that they obtained correspondence between Apple engineer Frank Fearon and GoMentum under a public records act request. Citing Fearon, who purportedly worked for a time on Lit Motor's self-balancing two-wheeled electric CycleCar, the key passage states, “We would ... like to get an understanding of timing and availability for the space, and how we would need to coordinate around other parties who would be using [it].”

Wanting to make sure that competitors wouldn't be using the old military base at the same time makes sense, especially in a company as secretive as Apple. While other car makers have supposedly checked out the facility, only Honda has signed an agreement to test their own self-driving vehicle technology, agreeing to pay $250,000 for the privilege.

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