PHOTO CAPTION: Expemotion's e-Raw electric motorcycle prototype.

e-Raw: From Concept to Prototype in 50 Days

The prototype E-Raw electric motorcycle blends age-old, hand-crafted technologies with modern CNC milling and lots of sweat.

Published: 18-Aug-2015

It's fairly easy, once you've got the knack of it, to design a motorcycle in 2D on a computer. It's quite another to turn those digital ones and zeros into physical reality - I am learning that with Quikbyke.

But young French designer Martin Hulin, wasn't satisfied with just a bunch of pretty drawings. He wanted the real thing, so he got together with four local craftsman in Lyon, France to produce the Expemotion e-Raw electric motorcycle. While we don't know much about its capabilities in terms of speed and range, we do get to enjoy watching it get built and after 50 days become a working thing of beauty that blends fabrication processes both old and new, as well as the luster of steel and warm of wood.

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