PHOTO CAPTION: Look familiar? It's not a Model S, but it's sure close. It's the Youxia electric car from China.

Dream Spawns $32K Tesla Clone in China

28-year-old CEO Huang Xiuyuan assembles team of 50 engineers and creates a half-priced knock-off of Tesla's Model S

Published: 05-Aug-2015

Tesla's entrance into the huge Chinese car market has been a bumpy one from the get-go. Getting the cars into the country, setting up showrooms, hiring staff, firing staff, building out a SuperCharger network: it's not been smooth going.

Now there could be a new hitch: a company headed by a 28-year-old entrepreneur named Huang Xiuyuan claims he's building an affordable electric car with performance to rival Tesla's Model S for one-half to one-third the price: 200,00-300,000 Yuan ($32K-48K). Oh yes, and it sure looks a lot like Musk's machine, as the artist's illustration above shows.

Called the Youxia X, the car reportedly will offer various battery size options offering different range capabilities from 137 miles to 285 miles, with the largest back mirroring the Model S' 85kWh. The interior also sports a Tesla-like touch-pad display. Production is said to begin in 2016 with first deliveries in 2017. It's assumed the car is slated initially only for the domestic Chinese market, but given the aggressive nature of Chinese business, you can expect to see sales pushes from Africa to Central America and the Caribbean, following in BYD's footsteps.

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