PHOTO CAPTION: Concept illustration of Terrafugia TF-X 'flying car'

Terrafugia Reveals Hybrid Flying Car Concept

Considered a 10-year development project, company displays wind tunnel model at annual EAA Flying in Oshkosk.

Published: 29-Jul-2015

The company behind the Transition flying car, has revealed a wind tunnel model of its next generation aircraft called the TF-X. Unlike the Transition, which is powered by a conventional ICE-age engine, the sleeker-looking TF-X makes use of a hybrid-electric drive system utilizing twin electric motors mounted on tiltable nacelles that allow for vertical take-off and landing or VTOL.

The concept is to have either an conventional internal combustion or gas turbine power a generator to keep the aircrafts batteries charged and also provide thrust for the rear-mounted ducted fan. As the video illustrates, takeoffs and landings require only a small footprint.

The company advices much of the flight will be computer controlled given the complexity of integrating all the necessary systems.

Production timing and pricing isn't yet known for the TF-X, but the Transition is now slated to begin deliveries in 2017 and priced in the 'low' $300K range according to Flight Global.

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