PHOTO CAPTION: Bolt electric moped prototype

Electric Bolt M1: Barely A Bike

Is there a market for a light-weight, motorcycle-like electric 'bicycle.'? A San Francisco startup is about to find out.

Published: 16-Jul-2015

It's called the Bolt M1 and as Engadget reporter Roberto Baldwin accurately notes, it's only 'technically' a bicycle. That's because it has pedals, but "it's heavy enough that those pedals should only be used on flat surfaces or while pointed downhill. Or better yet, not at all." The company, itself, calls it a "motorbike," clearly a more accurate description.

The startup, which is operating out of the Richmond neighborhood of San Francisco, is reportedly hand-building 10 pre-production prototypes of the 140 lb. machine (EV World's own pre-production prototytpe K15 weighs just 31.6 lbs.). Its motor and controller can be set to two modes: both of which are also 'technically' disqualify it as an electric bicycle by federal government definition, where the maximum motor size is 750 Watts. According to Baldwin, the Bolt M1's Eco mode pushes...

"...1,000 watts with a 50-mile range and Sport mode with a top speed of 40MPH with a 30-mile range pushing 5,500 watts."

The company is accepting $500 deposits and hopes to sell the production version of the M1 for "somewhere between $5,500 and $6,000." The first units will be offered at $4995.

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