PHOTO CAPTION: Bultaco Brinco motocross ebike.

Bultaco Powers Up 2kW Brinco Off-Road E-Bike

Famed Spanish motorcycle maker is back in business with an aggressive new off-road e-bike called the Brinco.

Published: 08-Jul-2015

With an electric hub motor two-and-a-half times larger than allowed by U.S. federal law, the Bultaco Brinco can't be consider a 'bicycle', nor should it be, given the rationale behind its design. This baby isn't built for pedestrian streets of the urban jungle, though it certainly can be ridden on them. Instead, it's designed to be taken off the beaten path where a motorcycle is too cumbersome and an mountain bike too slow.

The revived Spanish icon, Bultaco, is best know for its race bikes and motocross machines. In the Brinco, it's merged that expertise into a machine that's not a motorcycle and not a bicycle, but maybe the best of both. The bike's rear-mounted hub motor is rated at 2,000 watts and 44 lbs, of torque. You can tap into that power at three levels. Eco mode limits you to 800 watts but provides an estimated range of 50 miles. Tour mode gives you 1,500 watts at the twist of your wrist, but drops range to 31 miles. Sport mode lifts all limits, unleashing the full 2,000 watts, but range is lessened accordingly, which also varies depending on how much you pedal. Top speed is said to be 37 mph. That's 17 mph faster than U.S. law allows and still be considered a 'bicycle.'

Still, that's fast enough to stay up with a lot of traffic and way fast enough in off-road conditions. The bike's two speed hub and 8-gear derailleur offers plenty of speed settings, as the promotional video below demonstrates. The bike is priced in Spain is in the neighborhood of $5000US. Availability in North America has not yet been announced.

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