PHOTO CAPTION: Firat University Department of Automotive Engineering developed Fors electric car.

Turkish University Students Build Affordable Electric Car

Firat University engineering students build road-capable electric car for less than $3,500.

Published: 07-Jul-2015

Admittedly, it can't go fast or likely all that far. It isn't very luxurious, but it is cheap, costing less than 10,000 Turkish Lira ($3,700US). It took just three months to build. It's called Fors ('streamer') in Turkish and it's the product of Firat University Department of Automotive Engineering.

In the words of Yunus Emre Akay, aged 23 and one of the designers, the car is designed to be affordable to the average Turkish driver, as well as better suited to the country's roads. He told local media, "When we researched the current situation on the market, we found that electric cars cost too much. Anyone can easily drive our design, as it does not have a complicated transmission system and it is affordable. The car is well-designed and operates well even on slopes and hills."

What the car, pictured above courtesy of Daily Sabah, does have is a two-mode, 26-hp electric motor. Its 'fast winding' stage gives it a top speed of 100 km/h (62 mph), while its slow winding stage drives it at 60 km/h. The car seats two and has a four-speed transmission. Unclear is what battery technology the seven-person team used, presumably because of its low development costs, lead-acid. Range is not specified.

The project is supported by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBITAK).

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