PHOTO CAPTION: Second generation of original Corbin Sparrow

Canadian Duo Seeking Rebirth of Electric Sparrow

Beset by financial woes that seen it pass through multiple hands, two Canadian businessmen hope to resurrect the single-seat electric Sparrow.

Published: 01-Jul-2015

Some ideas are just too good to die. The problem is, they are a bitch to resurrect and keep alive. How many owners has the Th!nk City electric car bankrupt? Or the Aptera electric commuter?

So I was surprised to read in the Vancouver Sun that local businessmen Jerry Kroll and Henry Reisner are talking about again manufacturing what was originally called the Corbin Sparrow and then the Myers NMG in Abbottsford, British Columbia.

The concept behind the Sparrow is simple. Most people commute to work by themselves in vehicles designed to haul four or more, eating up valuable road space. Tom Corbin figured it made more sense to create an electric commuter for one, plus some room for a few bags of groceries. The company launched production in California and sold a few hundred then ran into financial problems, eventually being taken over by a major investor, who then, in turn sold it to Dana Myers of Myers Motors in Ohio. There it faded into obscurity, kept on life support by a tiny cadre of fans and an electronic listserv.

Now completely out of the blue comes Reisner and Kroll who apparently think there's a market for the electric car, which was originally powered by lead acid batteries. They are working on raising $2.25CAD million to launch production through their company called ElectraMeccanica.

Clearly a significant attraction is British Columbia's $5,000CAD clean vehicle grant that would bring the $19,995 price tag down to less than $15,000, making it among the cheapest EV's available in Canada. Additionally, all of the key engineering was done on the car a decade ago, and there were even a lot of spare parts and tooling to be picked up around the time of the last sale.

In an exclusive Vancouver Sun video, Kroll is featured driving and talking up the Sparrow, which is a highway-capable three-wheeler that on its original lead batteries had a practical range of around 50-60 miles. Kroll's model is equipped with lithium batteries, reportedly giving it a range of 160km (100 mi) and a top speed of 140 km/hr (86 mph).

EV World has reached out to both gentlemen to get more details on their plans.

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