PHOTO CAPTION: Trinity electric vehicle concept by Charles Bombardier

Charles Bombardier Designs Tandem E-Cycle

Collaborating with Cliff Humes,a freelance industrial designer in Toronto, the scion of the wealthy Bombardier family turns his attention to tandem electric enclosed motorcycle.

Published: 01-Jul-2015

His grandfather founded Bombardier, the Canadian manufacturer of vehicles from snowmobiles to jetliners and light rail trains. Charles Bombardier began working for the company in their Skidoo plant at age 16, but soon moved on to industrial design, creating a number of concept vehicles, the latest being the Trinity three-wheeled motorcycle.

Electrically-propelled by a 40 kW motor driving the front wheels, the enclosed trike seats two tandem in a fighter plane-like cockpit with a removable canopy for a more wind-blown ride. Beyond the initial pair of sketches, developed in collaboration with Cliff Humes, little more is known about the proposed performance of the concept. It's low frontal drag area and streamlined layout should give it excellent range, which will be determined by the size and chemistry of the battery pack, the location of which appears to be outboard of the cabin.

Presumably, the next step will be to turn sketches into working CAD files, at which point more specific performance details could begin to emerge.

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