PHOTO CAPTION: Autolib electric car built by Bollaré.

Frisky Business: Bollaré's Electric Love Machines

A lot of babies were conceived in the backseat of a car over the last century: why should electric cars be any different?

Published: 17-Jun-2015

Talk about unintended consequences.

When the Autolib electric carshare system was introduced in Paris in 2012, its purpose was to reduce the number of cars on the street while also reducing the pollution. Parisians could share the four passenger, all-electric cars instead of owning their own. Apparently, the car isn't the only thing they've been sharing.

According to Business Green.com, they've also been sharing each other. An unnamed spokesperson for Bollare noted recently:

"Lots of people aged 18 to 25 are using the cars to go out for the evening with their friends. They might use them to go to a nightclub, dinner or the theatre. Some make love in the cars. They use them like a hotel. You can use them for anything."

London selected the company to operate its version of the service. The annual membership fee is £100 and the rental rate is £5 for the first half hour. The first 50 cars are expected to be deployed in 2016 with a total of 3,000 on the street by 2018. In Paris, some 220,000 people have used the service since its start, removing, it's been estimated, the equivalent of some 31,000 ICE-age cars off the road.

Hmm... maybe this is why the city fathers in Indianapolis have been fighting to prevent the company from launching its service there.

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