PHOTO CAPTION: BMW-Baidu autonomous vehicle collaboration.

China's 'Google' Makes Self-Driving Car Move with BMW

Where its Google rival is working to replace the driver, Baidu aims to assist them by launching its first self-driving car by the end of the year.

Published: 13-Jun-2015

Baidu is China's Google. It operates the nation's largest Internet search engine. And like it's American counterpart, it too is interested in more than just helping people fund stuff on the Internet. It's also into Big Data, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing.

One of those endeavors, again like Google, is the creation of autonomous motor vehicles: self-driving cars. It is currently collaborating with BMW on self-driving technology like that found on the above BMW sedan.

According to senior VP Wang Jin, BMW and Baidu plan to launch their first autonomous car before the end of the year. Presumably this will be on an experimental basis similar to what Google is doing this summer in Mountainview. The key difference being Baidu's approach is to assist the driver rather than replace them, according to the UK's Guardian.

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