PHOTO CAPTION: Lindo electric tuk tuk

LINDO: 21st Century Electric Tuk Tuk

Kyle Armstrong wins Core 77 award for his smart electric tuk tuk, designed for the 'mean streets' of central Melbourne.

Published: 05-Jun-2015

Core 77 selected Kyle Armstrong's Lindo Smart Tuk Tuk as one of its 2015 design winners. Starting with the Piaggio Vespa Ape three-wheeled truck, the Melbourne resident wanted to update the design, giving it in-wheel electric motors, as illustrated below.

Lindo Smart electric drive

Armstrong writes, "When designing LINDO, I wanted to be able to create a vehicle that would ultimately help make a positive impact on the transport system that is currently implemented in the Melbourne CBD (central business district)."

Constructed largely of carbon fiber and titanium for lightness, the Lindo is designed to be part of a integrated, on-demand mobility system. A smartphone app would allow riders to order the nearest vehicle to pick them up. The service can be paid for via the app or by Paypal.

Armstrong wanted the vehicle to incorporate technology that was readily available in the next 20-25 years. He writes:

"...the Lindo is equipped with 6 ultra-efficient lithium ion battery cells that are charged through a capacitor which is able to charge at a quarter of the time it takes for conventional battery systems. The batteries are connected to two in hub wheel motors which are directly connected to the wheels axis making them more efficient and versatile in a range of driving conditions."

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