PHOTO CAPTION: Saietta NGS electric motorcycle concept.

Saietta Gives Glimpse of Electric Concept Motorcyle

Latest electric motorcycle concept, this one from UK-based Saietta, underscores growing interest in two-wheeled e-cycle and e-scooter markets.

Published: 05-Jun-2015

This month, the performance motorcycle world will focus its attention on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea where both gas motorcycles have been racing the 37-mile course for nearly a century. While the gas bikes continue to dominate the circuit, more recently, electric models are marking remarkable progress, seeing lap speeds rivaling or surpassing records set by gas bikes, according to Gizmag.

But racers aren't the only ones taking an interest in electric motorcycles. Zero Motorcycles reports that more than 50 police departments are using their product for patrol services.

This has led to increasing interest by large business entities in the growing market, most recently demonstrated by Polaris' acquisition of Oregon-based e-cycle maker Brammo, sped along,it would seem, by a Navigant Research forecast that "sales of electric motorcycles and scooters are expected to total 55 million from 2015 to 2024."

This may help explain why UK-based engineering specialty firm Saietta has turned its attention to creation of its own electric superbike, code-named the NGS (New Generation Saietta). Little more is known of its capabilities, pricing or future availability other than the teaser image the company released and is posted above.

Speaking with UK's New Car Net website, Saietta Group Co-Founder Lawrence Marazzi is quoted as saying:

aietta intends to shake up vehicle sectors including cars, scooters, motorcycles and tuk tuks, with electric drivetrains that surpass what can be achieved with internal combustion engines. NGS demonstrates our core competence in design, engineering, integration and manufacture in this field.

And where does it demonstrate its technology? According to Arvind Rabadia, Saietta Group Co-Founder, "Our motors have powered over 80% of the winning electric racebikes globally, set electric powerboat world speed records and even powered the first manned electric helicopter!."

One can imagine that we'll see more of Saietta-powered machines careening through curves on the Isle of Man, helping set new records in clean, pollution-free, motorcycling.

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